Threshold values for contracts subject to procurement legislation and for publishing notices remain unaltered post EU Exit (see SPPN 8/2019 for details of current thresholds). These values, sometimes referred to as OJEU thresholds, derive from the GPA and the value will be consistent throughout the UK.

Scottish Ministers (and for the rest of the UK the UK Government) will be responsible for reviewing and revaluing the financial thresholds every two years. The next review of the thresholds will be implemented by January 2022. However, as threshold values must remain aligned to those in the GPA this means there is no scope to introduce threshold values that vary from those of the GPA or OJEU.


Summary of threshold levels from 1 January 2020

The Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015


Supplies and services (except subsidised services contracts)

Schedule 1 bodies £122,976

Others £189,330


Subsidised services contracts

All bodies £189,330


Light touch regime for services

All bodies £663,540

Small lots Supplies and services £70,778